Saturday, March 15, 2008


I've recently been christened Uncle.
Sign Reflection Bus Action
Not by blood. It's a charge that I've always had an interest in experiencing but knew that my sister would never have need to call on me. Who can blame her, she will never experience being a blood related Aunt. We have an understanding.

I find that I'm incredibly excited for Madison, my 'niece,' when she figures out how far away a toy is from her face; and subsequently can reach out and grab it. It's bubbling to hear her mimic the sounds of words she absorbs. She can melt your heart when you catch her gaze as she casts off a smile.
Tangled Metal Ducts
It's an astonishing process to watch, learning how to interact with this probable reality. Figuring out spatial relationships, how to disseminate sounds and language, and how to move our appendages. Madison, or Wiggles as I like to call her, has far from conquered any of these feats but it's very humbling to watch and learn how we all begin this complex sojourn.

She will rock like no other.


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