Sunday, October 19, 2008

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Saturday, March 15, 2008


I've recently been christened Uncle.
Sign Reflection Bus Action
Not by blood. It's a charge that I've always had an interest in experiencing but knew that my sister would never have need to call on me. Who can blame her, she will never experience being a blood related Aunt. We have an understanding.

I find that I'm incredibly excited for Madison, my 'niece,' when she figures out how far away a toy is from her face; and subsequently can reach out and grab it. It's bubbling to hear her mimic the sounds of words she absorbs. She can melt your heart when you catch her gaze as she casts off a smile.
Tangled Metal Ducts
It's an astonishing process to watch, learning how to interact with this probable reality. Figuring out spatial relationships, how to disseminate sounds and language, and how to move our appendages. Madison, or Wiggles as I like to call her, has far from conquered any of these feats but it's very humbling to watch and learn how we all begin this complex sojourn.

She will rock like no other.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cutting it to the Quick

Peyton Manning. You're overexposed. Stop doing commercials.

Are Hermaphrodites Real, or are the Imaginary like Unicorns and Democracy?

Heisenberg's Uncertainty principle states that one inevitably changes the outcome of events simply by measuring them.
Holding caucus elections weeks apart while broadcasting the winners of each caucuses would stand to reason bias and corruption run rampant from the impetus. This is a non partisan issue here folks, both sides are equally as fucked. If 'Red State A' has Agent Smith as a winner this week, would it not stand to reason that 'Red State B' might gather behind Agent Smith in the next caucus? If 'Blue State 1' marked Mr. Anderson the winner, might it also stand to reason that 'Blue State 2' would gather in throngs against Mr. Anderson in the next caucus? Why don't we have all the glad handing, buzzword toting, hopefuls, waiting to rend this country in twain, voted at the same time before the bias and corruption set in? Thereby at least pretending we have some sort of honor and impartiality in this convoluted constitution republic.

'But Ray, our fore fathers set up this system with joy and smallpox in their hearts and white powdered wigs on their heads, who are we to change it?' Well, Voice in my head, our fore fathers were setting up a brand new system. A system to govern illiterate farmers, blacksmiths, and prostitutes in the fairest way possible. Colonies were spread way the fuck out, few could read, and there were no Lobbysts to bitch it all up. Let me be, hopefully not, the first to say just because we've always done something a certain way, doesn't make it the right way.
Not all the blame falls on the narrow shouldered, greed infested, silver spooned, power hungry politicians. Journalists have severely let this country down. Is it so important to have great ratings and guest stars that reporters can't ask real questions that would warrant real answers? How is it that a journalist can have a politician look him straight in the eye as said politician avoids the question completely. Only then to have our esteemed news jockey move on without pressing deeper and further for a real answer? Isn't it the job of an investigatory journalists to find the truth for the populous? As a system of checks and balances?

I'm off on a rant, to which I could add many, many more pages. Before I run amok let me just say this to our veritable plethora of mediocre candidates, and to you country. I don't care who you are or what you believe; a minister cannot become an elected official. We cannot let the hypocrisy of religion become any stronger in this land of the 'free' than it has already become. It will soon emerge a beast that cannot be fed. Hide behind whatever book you'd, like the 'laws of love' are clearly stated. Bigotry is bigotry no matter who you claim as your 'neighbor.'

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year, New Groove, New Robots

Let the 2008 commence.