Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Excitement, Thy Name is October 23rd

Drafted for my share of the Penguins season tickets the other night.
hockey bottle
My first game for the 2007-2008 Penguins season. Eastern Conference Finals, anyone?

Ska Loves All Ages

Barber Shop
My age.
Mike's age.
The age of the eldest people at the Against All Authority, Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake show last night.
We didn't mind. Someone has to teach the iGeneration how to Rock; and nothing teaches kids faster than running and throwing yourself at them while 'Where Have You Been' screams through a murky room smelling of sweat and fear.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

B-Movie Actor, Never!

Bruce Campbell, actor, director, writer should one of the highest paid talents in the business.
Not opinion. Fact. He's handled The Evil Dead trilogy. McHale's Navy. The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. Bubba Ho-Tep. Spider-man 1,2, and 3. The Man With the Screaming Brain.
Cups Kelly
What other characters will this master tackle most expertly? The Old Spice guy? Boosh.

'The Kill Point'

Spike TV picked up a show set in beautiful downtown Pittsburgh.
Cigs Shot Glass
Starring John Leguizamo, Donnie Wahlberg, and Tobin Bell. Not bad billing. 2 0f the 3 actually have careers. I'm definitely not counting NKOTB as any kind of career.
I was really hoping it was going to be great, get picked up for another season, bring some cash to the city, and launch me into super stardom. I haven't figured out how the last piece ties in yet. Sadly it doesn't really matter; I could only stand watching 10 minutes of the pilot episode before it became unbearable. Yet another set back for my illustrious career.