Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I met the most beautiful baby the other day. I looked at her face and saw the entire world in all it's glory. I got this feeling of instant joy somewhere inside me. It made me long for fatherhood.
Cailyn 3
Her name is Cailyn and I taught her how to be a punk rocker already. I showed her how to throw up her rock hands and I told her I'd teach her how to play guitar in a few weeks.
Cailyn 6
She has the most beautiful eyes, when she opens them. I thought it was very rude for her to stay asleep the whole time since I came over just to meet her.

Rocking the Hawk

I'm rocking the Mohawk once again.
I am going to shave it, I just figured I'd take the long way of getting there.

Monday, June 27, 2005


Got an old press kit photo from my band in Boston.
T Station BW
Recently I've been searching for more and more photos of my life and friends at school. I'm searching for more inspiration to get back off my ass. So it goes.

Sunday, June 26, 2005


I'm thinking about shaving my head again.
Color TV
I need a haircut desperately and I'm wondering if I should just shave it again. Anyone have an opinion out there? Post some comments or email me or something.

Thursday, June 23, 2005


I figured out what my tattoo is going to be.
Adam & Eve
La musica è un’amante invidiosa. It means Music is a jealous mistress in Italian. I still don't have the resources to pay for such a luxury but at least I've narrowed my idea.
I slept horribly the other night and again last night. My dreams have been invaded by my waking life and it's causing quite a disturbance in my days. I think I had a mini panic attack yesterday while I was out during the day and another one at night on my way home from the bar. Lately it seems my thoughts are not my own.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I made it back.

The beach was amazingly relaxing. There is something inherently freeing about sitting on sand listening to waves constantly shushing the world. After the sun goes down you can just stand there in silent reverie watching the black water in the moon light, it's incredibly freeing.

I can't speak for everyone but I know I had a blast. Duck is an old people town, but I still had a good time. I'm not the kind of guy that usually enjoys walking through touristy shops with the throngs of families trying to escape there suit and tie world, but I still made it worth while. I enjoy talking to the shop keeps about their thoughts on working in high traffic of out of towners. They all seemed very disinterested in my attempts to question them about their tourist town.

We went and did Karaoke on Thursday night. Now I know we all had a blast there. We all sang at least 1 song. I sang 3. I sang 'Midnight Train to Georgia' with the help of some of the waitresses at the establishment and I totally blew it. I'm sure it sounded shitty as hell. I stepped it up a little the next time when I sang 'The Gambler.' I think I finally redeemed myself when I sang my last tune, 'Like a Virgin.' I found the sweet spot by the speakers at that point and I just let fly.

Ben sang 2 country songs with some hot ass ladies, who later gave him their numbers. Aaron sang a country song. Matt & I sang 'Lady' and he sang 'Sweet Caroline' solo. Lauren sang 'Son of a Preacher Man.' Mike sang 'Shout.' They all sounded a damn sight better than I did. We had a blast.

Now that I've returned home it makes my mind reel to try and remember why I live here.

Saturday, June 11, 2005


I'm going away tomorrow for a week.

Sorry there won't be any posts, if any one actually reads this. I plan on sitting on the beach reading and playing guitar. I'm bringing some books and of course my journal. I'm definitely going to work on getting myself a sweet ass tan and getting some song material. Hopefully I'll have a bevy of new and exciting pictures when I return for everyone's viewing pleasure. Rock out Pittsburgh.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Non-Being is What We Use

My father & I attempted to attach and new hydraulic closer to a screen door last night.

Quite the spectacle. He tends to get frustrated very easily all the while losing focus. I never really remember him being that handy around the house, in correlation I'm also not as handy. I can do the simpler things like put in new light switches, put together IKEA furniture, hook up audio and video components, install ceiling fans, and a few other essential items that a home owner should know how to do.
The problem last night wasn't with us however, it was with the door frame. The wood on the inside of the frame where the old hydraulic piece attached it self was all rotted, hence it was not strong enough to take the new screws. We tried our best to build it up with new pieces of wood but when we opened the door it just ripped the hinge from the frame like it was attached to popsicle sticks. After the hinge had bested us I suggested just tightening the spring closer at the top of the frame. As long as you swing the door far enough out the spring will shut it. Physics at work.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

All I Have Are These 8 Fingers & 2 Thumbs

I just fell in love.

I just played the most fantastic guitar I've ever touched in my life. All I know is that it was a Taylor. She totally rocked me and I didn't even get her name.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Voodoo Boobs

Kicked it last night for Alyson's birthday.

We started the festivities at her parents house. Her dad made some of the finest ribs I've ever tasted. I have to say I get some satisfaction from ribbing flesh off bone with my teeth. All the cute vegan girls please disregard that last sentence. After we ate the deliciously prepared ribs we had an ice cream cake. It was an old school style birthday, the kind you have when you're in 3rd grade where all of your friends come over for dinner and cake. We sang and reveled in our rib and sugar filled high.

Alyson decided she wanted to go down to the Tiki Lounge for the remainder of the festivities. So everyone headed home and then we all met up there. When we got there we went on the lookout for places to sit and immediately found this room. The room had many names. 'Skin Cell,' 'Voodoo Boobs Lounge,' and 'The Porno Room.' Skin cell because it had different shade and shape blue vinyl covered panels on the walls. Voodoo Boos because there were two life size Tiki dolls that live in a glass case at the doorway of the room which had boobs. Porno Room because it was dimly lit and out view from passersby.

I sat next to an opening in the wall where I could see peoples heads as they walked up the stairs. I was talking to a lovely lady who works at Westinghouse doing project managing. It was quite fascinating. After awhile she told me I should crawl out the little opening. I of course refused and she prodded along with the others so I had someone watch the traffic on the stairs for me and I slid out the hole onto the stairs.
Then there was 'Hoodie Guy.' This cat from Central Catholic, as was displayed by his hoodie decided to come in our little room and present himself in all his drunken glory. It was quite amusing. I must say that our group had quite the fast tongues and didn't mind putting this lad into a state of confusion and embarrassment. Later on in the night I saw Hoodie Guy walking past the hole in the wall so I grabbed his hoodie and he came in and I pretended like I knew him. Quite amusing.
At 2 we all got kicked out by the management and I brought my evening to a close. There was talking of going somewhere else but I was a tad tired and almost completely funned out.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Star Wars

Saw Star Wars Thursday night.

I wasn't overly disappointed. At least it wasn't like watching CSPAN like the last two. To me it seemed like it was several little stories together. They didn't really elaborate on one or a few single aspects of the plot line. They definitely could have made the Darth Vader transition into the suit a lot longer and cooler. I have to say I was overly disappointed with Darth's lines after the suiting. Who wants to hear Darth Vader ask about his wife? Lame.