Monday, February 28, 2005

Paul Giamatti?

I didn't participate in the oscars last night. I was distracted by other things. I wasn't upset in any way that I missed them since I've only seen 2 of the movies that were nominated for anything. Those movies were 'The Incredibles,' and 'Spider-man 2.' They went pretty much how I expected them to. Although I was expecting Paul Giamatti to be at least nominated for something at least. I didn't see his performance in 'Sideways' although I'm sure it was fantastic. He is an incredibly talented and gifted actor.

Like I said I didn't participate but I heard several comments about Chris Rock looking incredibly uneasy as the host. I'm don't it's fair to assume that just because someone is a comic that they have some innate ability to host award shows. Why was Chris Rock even picked to host? Was Billy Crystal not available this year? Whoopi Goldberg? Ellen DeGeneres? Chris Rock seems like a very odd choice for a host to me. He's stand-up is quite amusing, but I'm not sure it fits a roomful of tuxedo's and dashed hopes. I heard he insulted Jude Law and that Sean Penn, of all people, came out later and fought on Jude's behalf? I'm not sad I didn't watch last night.

I wanted to watch 'Ray' tonight, but I have an old late fee from Blockbuster. I know the wiped out late fees, but this one precedes that wipe out so I'm not sure if it is grandfathered in or not. If I still have the late fee I might as well buy the movie, it would probably be cheaper.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

3 Yeunglings, 2 Captian & Cokes, & 1 Guinness

We went to an Irish pub type place last night called Mullaney's Harp & Fiddle. I've never been to an Irish influenced place before. I had an uneasy feeling at first. I felt as if I were the only non-Irish patron until I saw a guy who I'm fairly sure was Mexican. I could tell he was uneasy as well. I think we found comfort in knowing at least one other person there had some skin pigment.

The 'Wild Geese' were playing when we got there. I believe they are a regular fixture at the Harp & Fiddle, and they did in fact have a Harp & Fiddle in the band. It was fantastic hearing Irish folk songs. I must admit that I am a stranger to that music and it was a great experience. There is a lot of passion and history in those songs. You could definitely feel the emotion from the audience through the dancing and the Guinness.

We walked up to the bar and all ordered a Guinness. I felt I was standing out well enough on my own not to have something else separating me. I enjoy Guinness every once in awhile and I had two last evening. I must say that after the second I my stomach felt like I had just eaten a large quantity of steak. As I ordered the second round for everyone I was instructed to put it on my friends tab. So I walk up and order and tell the bartender put it on O'Donnell. One of the other patrons looked at me and said 'Yeah, right,' then I replied back jokingly, 'I figure someone here has got to have that name.' The bartender laughed and went to charge the tab without asking for the first name. Later on my other friend goes up and does the same. Again, not thinking anything about requiring a first name and brings back another round. Our O'Donnell goes to close his tab before we leave as he gets his card back and signs the bill and doesn't seem to realize that we've only been charged for one round of drinks. When he discovers that our bill was only $15 we quickly grab our things and exit. So I'd like to thank the other O'Donnell who paid for 3 Yeunglings, 2 Captain and Cokes, & 1 Guinness. May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Longing for Boston

The computer I was working on finally decided to cooperate and I got it done around 11 PM last night. The only dreaded task I have left is to reinstall AOL, which I am thoroughly convinced was the root of the machine's problems in the first place. It seemed to take a 'HAL' like control of the system only letting it do what it wanted you to. I was visualizing the activity light on the computer talking to me in that calm monotone voice. It started to weird me out.

I've caught myself missing Boston more and more since the snow's fallen. When I'm out there in it it reminds me of walking down Mass. Ave. when it was so pristine and white. The snow deadened all the normal street noises and made you feel as if you were all alone in the middle of the city. It makes the city seem eerily peaceful and calm. I that city very much.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Buttons vs Computers

I made a poor bartering decision today. I needed two buttons sewn on my coat. The seamstress needed her computer looked at. The total time it took her to sew my buttons on was laughable, I'm going to guess high and say it took 5 minutes. I got back to my place around 2 PM and I'm just now taking a break at 7:35. I definitely need to work my bartering skills.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Paul Revere

Some friends and I went to our semi favorite watering hole last night, William Penn Tavern. It's become a regular Wednesday night event. Much to our disappointment there was a new waitress working and though she was very aesthetically pleasing she did not know of our VIP status. Needless to say we had to pay full price for all of our libations. We felt slighted, but we managed to move past it and enjoy ourselves nonetheless.

We had no grand discourses or amazing ideas we just watched the remaining Pitt basketball fans lick their wounds before slinking out the door to return to the solace of their homes.

The evening ended as many do by the telling over and over of a favorite line of a joke taken completely out of context. The line de jour last night was "Arrrrgh, It's driving me nuts!"

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Here We Go

Welcome to the inner workings of my mind. I'm brand new to the Blog culture and it may take me a little while to learn. Give me a few days and we'll see how it goes. All I can offer is my odd view of the things around me and hopefully some amusing stories. Dig.