Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Slashy R S or Slash E R S?

Cingular customers.
I enjoy the IDK Commercials. I really do. Granny texting her 'BFF Rose.' The little girl so defeated in her punishment exclaiming 'TISNF!' It's quite enjoyable. It's really is but I want to implore you world please don't incorporate said ad campaign's seminal pitch into your everyday language, at least spoken language. Even in jocularity.

Language is wonderful, alive, and has been evolving throughout the eons but I don't think we've gotten our fill of the sentence just yet. Noun verb structure; is, was, to be. The iGeneration may grow up never knowing that Whom refers to the object while Who refers to the subject. They'll never learn to not misplace their modifiers ie. the handsome boy was playing his piano with a Mohawk. If we lose the concepts behind language communication shits down and we lose everything we have.
It's going that way, I understand the evolution. It's natural and needs to happen. I'll roll on with it when I have to but I'm going to fight to the bitter end to hold on to my sentence structure.