Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Bible Outlet Store

Outlet shopping is fairly amusing.
I found the watch I was looking for and some shorts. The watch was half the price but the shorts were only a few dollars off. Also learned a lot about Maple Nut Fudge and Maple sans Nut Fudge from a gay gentleman working at 'The Fudgery.'
I was, however, not allowed to enter the aforementioned 'Bible Outlet Store.'

Where the Fuck is April's Newsletter?

Seth Speaks has a movie. Called, creatively, The Seth Movie. I only watched pieces of it as I transferred it from VHS to MPEG; but the sections I caught were wild.
The trance parts where Seth is actually speaking through Jane are crazy. Two distinctly different personalities, Seth and Jane. She falls in and out of trances like a person nodding off rapidly on the bus ride home from work and catching their heads just before it hits the bar on the seat in front of them. When she comes out she immediately says "I'm Out, I'm out."
I wish I could fall in and out of this probable reality with nothing more than a head nod.