Sunday, May 07, 2006


Cute Vegan girls and Mr. Green please avoid this post.
Let me start off just by saying, Holy crap what a feast! I didn't order anything extravagent from the menu. I was in a boring mood and ordered the 11oz. NY Strip Steak. The chunk of flesh wasn't the only thing to sink your teef into though, the vegetables and salad and potatoes and bread and mushrooms and onions and ranch dressing...Holy crap what a feast!

Ok...Dig This

Seth Speaks.
Hang with me here folks. Even if it gets a little weird, hang with me. I promise, it's good shit.
The book was written in 1972 by a woman named Jane Roberts. Although she is listed as the author, she is not. She is merely channeling a 'multidimensional personality' named Seth...I'll let that sink in.

Seth explains throughout, well in the first 4 chapters at least, that we are not who we think we are. We are all 'multidimensional personalities' living several simultaneous lives. We all also hold the knowledge of the universe in its entirety. The reason we can't tap into that knowledgeable goodness is because we are too focused in this particular reality.
He also goes on to explain that time isn't linear. Time as we know it is an illusion. We, as 'multidimensional personalities,' create each of our own existences, as well as collectively create the world as we see it and time and space. We create the people we know, the situations we encounter, and the hardships we face in order to learn and gather more knowledge on our quest towards enlightenment.

We can train ourselves into unlocking the knowledge and learning of our other experiences, so don't fret folks. I wish there were more exercises in this book, however there are several other books which are chock full of them! When I find out how I'll make sure to share. What's the point of enlightenment if you can't share it with everyone. Don't rely on my half-ass explanation as your only info into the insight of this book. Please check it out for yourselves.

You Always Loved My Non-Sequiturs has worked its way into daily conversation.
Pop culture be damned!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Consciousness Creates Form

I lost a great deal of the pictures I had taken. These 2 were still living on my camera when my computer died.
Life has been going quite well for me. I've been holding back an update while I started reading a new book, a book to the likes of which most of you will hopefully dig. Seth Speaks.
Lobster 3
Only the title for now. Sorry.