Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Where Are You November 7th?

Is anyone else tired of the political advertising during prime time television?
Aren't we supposed to be seeing commercials for Tampons, Burger King, & Molson? Instead we're inundated with an influx of politicians into our homes. Political advertising that states the only way to be patriotic is to support war. Political advertising that states the only way to be patriotic is to not support war. Political advertising that criticizes pro-life. Political advertising that criticizes pro-choice. When did politicians become brand names? Products that need a marketing strategy?

Don't get me wrong Mr. Santorum, I appreciate the awareness you are trying to spread about your support of the incumbent government, but every advertisement, Republican, Democratic, or third party, consists of slanderous remarks, sound bites taken out of context, and a looming message of doom if we don't pick the right product. It is a lot for me to digest along side my dinner.
I can't wait to get back to watching the normal commercials for Always with Wings for extra leak protection.

Also, is there anyone out there that doesn't cringe at the mention of Rick Santorum? I personally dislike him with a passionate vengence.

True Dreams

I've always felt I picked up on universal vibes throughout my life.
A lot of the time they are spot on, or at least pretty damn close to the spot. I can remember a lot of them specifically. I'm sure you are all begging for an example of my mental prowess and I would hate to disappoint my faithful readers.

In high school I had worked up the courage to ask out a female class member who I very much liked adorning with my attentions. We had been vigorously flirting for weeks before the approaching Thanksgiving break. That particular Thanksgiving my father was getting remarried on the Caribbean Island of St. John and my sister and I went with the soon-to-be newlyweds for the ceremony and also spent a week living in a beautiful house right on the beach. While I was absent on this tropical paradise I had a dream every night that when I returned home the lady friend which had previously told me that she would love to share my company had changed her mind. Those dreams were very vivid and felt quite real. I decided then that they were just wild fabrications of a teenage mind. How could I possibly know what was going to happen upon my return to the States?

When I resumed school after living on that gorgeous island, one of the most wonderful experiences of my life mind you, I re-commenced my courting of this young lady. To my astonishment she in fact had changed her mind. Turns out she actually already had a boyfriend at another high school which I had known nothing about. I was saddened, as any young man would be after a slight rejection. I was also enraged that my dreams were correct, they weren't just idle thoughts of a teenager. I felt as though my mind had turned against me. I also wondered if I wasn't visited by those dreams would she and I have gone on our date?
I know now that dreams are other probable realities in which you play out life scenarios in your mind. I have been remembering dreams about certain scenarios.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Nuclear Arms

If every country has them will it really stop the masses from using them?
World leader tempers are too close to the boiling point as it is. I'm really not that comfortable with our current leader out there tempting other countries into blowing up the planet.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Penn State Basketball?

I'm reading some old journal entries.
(photo by Crysta)
To see where I've been and how far I've come to know myself.

Drunk. Bar 11. Bride. Rumshackers. Rashell. Penn State Basketball."

Introspective indeed!


It causes us to search for answers.
Shoe Shoes
To examine inward as well as outward. This journey toward enlightenment should never end; no matter what situation, where we are, who we are with, what state of mind we are residing. The journey doesn't need to stop when we've stumbled upon things we like and want to hold on to, even if we think those things may get in the way of our learning. It's up to us to keep our quest for truths going.

How long will this journey take? Are we strong enough to make it through?

Monday, October 09, 2006

Dig This.

I need to share this with everyone. I know it's not one of my normal posts but it needs to be spread.
"The integrity of any intuitive information depends upon the inner integrity of the person who receives it. Expansion of consciousness, therefore, requires honest self appraisal, an awareness of one's own beliefs and prejudices. It brings a gift and a responsibility. All who wish to look within themselves, to find their own answers, to encounter their own 'appointment with the universe,' should therefore become well acquainted with the intimate workings of their own personality.

Such self knowledge is in itself highly advantageous, and in one way is its own reward. It is impossible, however; to look inward with any clearness if you are unwilling to change your attitudes, beliefs, or behavior; or examine those characteristics that you consider uniquely your own.

You cannot examine reality without examining yourself, in other words. You cannot hold encounters with All That Is apart from yourself, and you cannot separate yourself from your experience. You cannot use 'truth.' It cannot be manipulated. Whoever thinks he is manipulating truth is manipulating himself. You are truth. Then discover yourself."

Seth Speaks.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Peter Principle

"In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence."
On the first page of the Federal Government's employee handbook?

She Came In Through The Bathroom Window...

Usually I journey on the bus with my head apostrophed with headphones.
I decided to go sans music yesterday just to look around and to see if I could gain any comfort in the faces of my fellow travelers. For the most part everyone sits in silence. Some are in a gentle slumber. They jar themselves awake every so often wondering if they've missed their stop. Others sit staring blankly out the window at the fleeting trees and houses that quickly pass. Some read trying hard not to lose their concentration on the book or newspaper in front of them. Others sit, like me, with their earbuds in listening to whatever their iPod decides to play for them.

I saw the distractions we've created to block out one another. To keep us a safe distance away so we don't have to think or feel or interact with anyone, including ourselves. Isolation becomes our only friend.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Harbor No Grudge...

Against me for leaving you all with nothing to fill your Internetastic lives.
When did the entertainment industry begin to worry if was towing the party line? When did we begin to delineate our enjoyment bipartisanly? When did we decide that only certain subjects are able to be made the subject of fun?

Isn't it more inappropriate to draw a line in the sand about what is safe and unsafe to laugh about than to just laugh about everything?