Thursday, November 30, 2006

They Changed Tense Mid-Sentence?

I went into work today for a few hours.
I was requested in to do a scratch vocal track for one of our clients. The clients had heard the soothing sounds of my voice and ostensibly wanted me to lay in a scratch track on their spot. I never had a fondness for my voice upon listening back when I was younger. I find the fondness growing.
I've always wanted to add 'Voice Talent' to my resume. Along with 'Pornographer' and 'Cartoon Character.'

Sunday, November 26, 2006

It all started with a $100 bet.

We stood in the Marriott parking lot drinking Molson with one of the up and coming stars of the NHL.
Mike decided at the end of the hockey game last night that we should hang around and wait for the Pens to come out of the dressing room. As we were standing there in the semi cold November evening looking down 30 feet onto various heads of all shapes and sizes Mike says 'I'm going to ask Max Talbot if he wants to come to your car and have a beer with us.' To which I replied. 'I'll give you $100 if he has a beer with us at my car.' Several heads and minutes later we finally see Talbot walk out of the dressing room. Mike then begins to yell, 'MAX, MAX.' Talbot then turns around and catches our glance. Mike then yells, 'My friend said he'd give me $400 if you have a beer with us at our car.' Talbot asked where my car was and we told him all the way at the top of the parking lot. He then told us to meet him in the Marriott parking lot in 10 minutes he then yelled, 'No one else! Just these guys.' Mind you we were yelling this across the parking lot among several other Pens fans.

I busted my ass up to the parking lot to grab my car. Picked up Noah and Mike and headed over to the Marriott. I circled the lot a few times as there were only valet spots left. We saw Talbot walking over and Noah jumped out of the car and headed over to him. He told us to just park along the curb by the valet spots. Talbot and his cousin Mark came over to my car and we cracked open some beer. The valets started looking over and began to walk towards my almost certainly illegally parked car. Talbot then raised his hand and said, 'We're cool guys, they're with me.'

We stood there in the parking lot drinking beer with Maxime Talbot talking about hockey and life. I had quite the weekend, to which this adventure added another small piece of awesomeness.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mourn Over Your Butterfly Wings

Spinning in infinity.
I have had several different guides walk with me throughout my life. Teachers, friends, music, talk-doctors, cartoons, books, co-workers, parents, a sort of ex-girlfriend. All of them transmiting some unknown imprint on me. I never really assumed that I imparted some pieces of myself back to them as well. Very foolish of me to think it would all be unrequited.

Sexy Pants Part 2

Shopping was a good time.
Mike & Kleenex
Alyson and I usually have a fantastic time together. She told me the other night that I had a great girl once, then I made a bad decision and lost her. I told her that I knew that and my penance was to stand by and be her best friend for the remainder of our lives. Good times. I also made a pact at that time to never discuss that bad decision for the rest of my life!
BIg Ken
(photo of Big Ken)
I got 3 pairs of pants and I must say they are definitely the sexiest pants I've ever owned. I lost a lot more weight than I had originally assumed so it took a little longer.
One of the pants has a button fly. I was told that I was not passing over pants that looked that good on me just because they had a button fly. I'll just need to have an extra minute to tackle them before I use that lavatory I guess.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sexy Pants Part 1

I've lost weight and I need new clothes.
I find it very hard to motivate myself to actually go clothing shopping. I walk through the moderately priced strip malls of suburbia looking around not focusing on anything. Eventually I just turn around and walk away. I'm like a swimmer whelmed in a raging storm and I cave under the pressure of finding a kick ass shirt or trying on the right jeans, or 'sexy pants.' Don't get me wrong, I love wearing nice clothes, I just have a hard time actually getting myself to the stores.
Luckily Alyson loves me and invariably guides me to my 'sexy pants.'

Bachelor Chow, Now with Flavor!

I've been practicing like it's going out of style.
Mostly Sax and Guitar, a little Piano as well. I have an incredibly vast amount of 'Ray' time now. I enjoy spending time with my horn, books, words, and mind but I think I need to add a little more Life-time, no I'm not talking about Television for Women. I've had my time, now I can balance the 'Ray' time with the Television for Women time...and Futurama time.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Survey Says

I was at Vincent's Pizza today with a friend for their lunch buffet.
As we sat there gorging ourselves on the greasiest pizza, possibly in the entire world, we were watching John Hurley as the new host of Family Feud. I long for the days of Richard Dawson in spite of how inappropriate he was with the ladies.
As we were watching in the semi crowded pizzeria I was yelling out my answers right along side the contestants. I didn't have my notebook so I couldn't write down the exact wording of this question but it was somewhere along the lines of "What animal does the farmer not want to become to attached to because he's going to eat it." Again, paraphrasing. I immediately shout out 'Sheep!' to whomever is listening which turns out is the entire pizza shop. The contestants are playing along and doing well. Sheep was the #3 answer so I feel good about my contribution. Then someone says 'Horse.' I'm thinking to myself, and out loud, very out loud. Who the hell eats a horse? Survey Says...Horse, #5 answer. I'm astonished. I keep asking, over and over, Who eats horse? Who eats horse? Looking around the room for someone to say, 'I do and it's not that bad.' I wish that were the pinnacle of the story. Sadly, the number #4 answer was Dog.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

We Are All, in Some Way or Another, Going to Reseda.

Readers, I implore you.
The only way to know where your journey has taken you is to look back and embrace where you've been. I encourage, nay beg everyone to read all of your old blogs and journal entries, visit old memories, look at old photographs. What did you think 5 years ago? Are you in a place now that you could never have imagined? Where did you think you would be by now? What have you accomplished that you never thought you could?

The boy in the picture has no idea what lies ahead of him; yet he has no fear.