Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hey, Pizza Man.

Crysta was maid of honor in her best friends wedding.
I was her +1. I do my best to make the position of +1 a class act. I go out of my way to be charming, funny, and of course smell nice. The ceremony and festivities were greatly enjoyed upon by her guests. We had a blast. Of course she caught the bouquet. Then the groom threw the garter belt at me. Nothing more appropriate than putting your hands up your girlfriend's dress while her mother yells, 'Lets go Ray!'
After the reception we rolled to the Hilton and commenced our 'after the reception' party in one of the rooms. A few of the other gentlemen in the party gathered the desk from the corner of the room and decided to set up a mini-beer pong table. Crysta and I wanted some pizza but got side tracked. After we remembered about our pizza quest we saw a man in the hallway carrying 2 pizzas. Crysta proceeds to yell 'Hey, Pizza Man!' and accosts the poor fellow. She is talking to him like he is the delivery man, all the while we're telling her the poor man is a hotel guest.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Dave Foley?

I worked on my first session at Big Science last Wednesday night.
Video Signal Booster
It was awesome. We had sort of an unexpected session pop up while Mark was on vacation. Andy and I were also right in the middle of updating all of the equipment in Mark's room Nemo. We got it all situated and I got to work my first session while we tested our brand new set up.
Candlestick Phone
I thoroughly enjoyed it. I recorded a young woman who was doing the voice over for an on-hold message. No equipment foul ups! No engineering foul ups! I thought it went very well and it was a nice starter session for me. I'm allgrowedsup.

If That's Your Boyfriend He Wasn't Last Night

Light Clock
I've been reading Seth Speaks almost every night. At least one session. Sometimes 3 chapters. The chapters I am currently reading are about religion. These chapters are fantastic. I find myself re-reading them just to try and grasp all of it.
Back to School
Seth addresses Christianity the most since it is the largest minoritied religion in the world. I don't want to spoil the chapters for all the hoards of people who are reading a long with me but I need to say at least a little about the religion chapters. Seth speaks of the THREE Christ figures and how the 12 apostles all represent qualities of personality that actually belong to one individual and Christ as we know him represented the inner self.

It's definitely a lot. Feel free to leave comments. I know this is really heavy but it is Rockingly Good.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Steve Fitzgerald

Went down to the office the other night. We don't seem to frequent it as much as we used to.
Steve & Ho
It was an unofficial celebration. Steve got a new gig with an army band and Laubach had his very special 25th birthday event, 2 days after his actual birthday.
Steve & Bitches
These ladies just couldn't keep their hands off Steve.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

For Real Real.

It's been quite awhile.
I know I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it several more times during this probable reality but, I'm the worst blogger ever.

I can use vacation as an excuse, but I was only gone for a week and it was in June. I'm a failure as a blogger. All those in blog land I beg of you for forgiveness.