Saturday, September 24, 2005

Dairy Queen

Went down to the office last night.
I know it may seem like that is the only thing I do but I can assure you I do more interesting things occasionally. In fact, forget the office for now.
I worked a session for Liz Berlin of Rusted Root at Mr. Smalls the other night.
Control Room
I had a blast. I was recording her doing some backing vocals as well as some various hand percussion on another artist's tunes. The artist is named Gaba Gavi. Cool guy, went to BU, probably met him while I was in Boston and didn't even know it. Liz is a great woman, I'm not a big fan of 'the Root,' but I do dig her as a person and as a musician. Hopefully working on that session the other night jump started my ascension up this apprenticeship ladder.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Pirate Day!

Today is International Talk Like a Pirate day. Enjoy ye Scurvy Dogs!
Blue Shirt

The Recching Ball!

Went to the Mellon Arena on Saturday.
Face Off
We went to watch the first Penguins scrimmages. The first scrimmage between the White and Yellow team was crazy as hell it was like 7 to 6. Those teams didn't seem very into it, or that great either. I have a feeling a lot of those people were going to recieve a little red tag in their lockers after practice.
The second game, the Black team versus the Red team, or as it seemed the starting Penguins vs. Our lady of the Sacred Heart all girls school featuring Sergei Gonchar, was intense. The Black team schooled the catholic school girls 7 to 1. The Red team didn't even really score that 1 goal, they just gave them a point because they felt bad.
Before the games started we got to meet Recchi, Gonchar, Fleury, and Lame ass Rico Fata. I got Recchi and Gonchar's signatures on pucks and Fleury signed a picture. I had Rico sign a piece of paper which I later gave away. We also got to meet fat ass sports talk show host Mark Madden. We met him in the food line. Mike voiced his opinion about liking his show to which Madden replied Thanks and then ran off to eat his pounds of food. Overall it was a great day, a lot of fun being back at the Mellon Arena, even though its probably the shittiest building in the city.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Seamus O'Grady

I took up my Irish guise again Saturday night.
Gaelic Storm 2
We went down to Station Square for the Irish Festival. Needless to say there were more than a few sons and daughters of Ireland there, and although I was prepared to give my false appellation to anyone who questioned my ethnicity, I certainly wasn't the only non-irish person in attendance.
Gaelic Storm
I was looking forward to enjoying some Shepards pie all day long. I've only tasted it once before and I've decided that it definitely warrants a second tasting. When we got to the main tent where the 'traditional' food was being prepared I found out to my dissapointment that most all of the food was sold out. The only traditional meal that was being served was stew in a bread bowl. I of course got the time-honored Irish feast of a slice of pizza, a corn dog, and french fries. I lost count, but I know we all had at least 4 funnell cakes to share as well.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Eric Saved the Day.

Went to the Ska is Dead 3 show last night.
The Code. The Planet Smashers. The Toasters. Mustard Plug.

I had a blast. There is definitely something to be said for rocking out in the pit of a punk show. Such energy. It's a fantastic way to blow off steam. Probably after The Toasters second song I was soaked in my own sweat. If I went to a show 3 times a week I wouldn't ever need to go to the gym. It is definitely a work out unlike Pilates and Spinning put together. However nothing makes me smile more than seeing Eric go nuts in the pit. Vertical jumps and all. Noah missed out on the group exercise as he didn't join us in the pit, I'm assuming because he didn't want to hurt anyone. Being a giant and all.
Mustard Plug was the reason we went so excitetedly. I was the only one of the group who hadn't seen them perform live. It was a great show. They have such a commanding presence and really put on a good show. I will most assuredly attend more of their shows in the future.

Eric saved the day when my glasses went flying off my face. He threw about 5 people out of the way and put up a human wall, then reached down and found them. Handed them back to me, suprisingly undamaged. I put them in my pocket after that for safe keeping. After the show was over I looked around the crowd and saw that we were quite possibly the oldest people there. It's a weird feeling being the oldest person at a show, especially when I'm only 23.
Rock On
(To the short punk rock girl in the red shirt with the buzzed head, Hi my name is Ray.)
Penny, you're still my special lady! Don't worry!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Triad. Indeed.

Went out to dinner last night.
Olive Garden. Serious date. Olive Garden date. Dissapointing actually.

I'm not one to make a scene in a resaturant and complain about my food being subpar. I figure going out to eat is like picking fruits or vegetables. It's a gamble going in, I know that.
When the waitress saw I had moved my food to the center of the table she asked if I didn't like it. So I told her No, I infact didn't like it. I quickly followed up with an, it's totally cool though I know it's not your fault, type phrase. She asked if I wanted to get the manager and I told her repeatedly that it wasn't necessary. She brought the manager over anyway. I explained to the manager my philosophy on restaraunt eating and she told me that was ludicrious and said she was comping our meal. I told her that was definitely ludicrious and completely unnecessary. She came back with our paid bill and a $25 gift certificate.
Ken & Robyn
However neither of us had cash for a tip. I had the waitress ring up a drink for us and I tipped her on that bill.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Queen Heroine

I tested cables for 45 minutes tonight.
After that fun I sat in for a mix session. We mixed a blue grass song about Bi-Polar Disorder. It was nice to be back in the studio again, seemingly apart of it all. I didn't really do anything besides listen and make suggestions but it still felt nice.
Angelo & Me
I had a tremendous fight with Emily Saturday night. Well, Emily's friends to be specific. She enlisted their help to play the role of heros. This is the second time she has intentionally gone out of her way to try and hurt me because of my new found happiness. Her name to me is just another word.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Angelo, late for the future.

My special lady friend made some old mans night.
This old man was walking around asking hot ass girls if they would dance with him. Here's to you, the original playa.
Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming WOW What a Ride!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Summer, where you been?

Autumn has wound down.
September always brings me back, in my mind at least, to my early school days. I remember waiting for the bus on the first day of school. Brand news shoes on my feet that they just released that morning, and I somehow got to the store and back to the bus stop by 6 AM just to be the first person to have them on. Only to find out when I arrived that everyone was wearing them. Not knowing if I should wear pants or shorts for the first day and spending most of the previous night deciding which would make me look cooler. Wondering if I should dare carry a lunch box, or should I eat the previous school years hamburgers and french fry combination that had been awaiting our arrival all summer and would most likely make me nauseous. Ah dumber days. How I long for those to be the biggest problems in my life.
Austin, Lil' Ken, & Me
I start along my new journey this September morning. I don't have the newest shoes on my feet, I'm wearing pants, and I'm too lazy to pack myself a lunch.